Why, What and How?

Does Metafuse Charge Any Fees?

At Metafuse, our central tenet is to empower creators without burdening them excessively. To support our suite of first-class services and features, we implement a 3% fee on the mint price of each token when using our Smart Contract. This fee structure is designed so that artists and creators retain the entirety of their mint price while effectively utilizing our platform to bring their projects to life.

To elaborate, if a token was minted at a price of 0.1 ETH, the Metafuse fee would be 0.003 ETH (3% of 0.1 ETH). Notably, the creator retains all of the 0.1 ETH from the minting process. Instead of deducting this fee from the creator's earnings, Metafuse charges the 3% fee directly to the minter, making the total cost for the minter 0.1003 ETH (0.1 ETH for the token plus 0.003 ETH as the Metafuse fee).

In addition to this, for business users, we charge on a usage basis for access to our API. This allows us to maintain the quality and reliability of our API services, ensuring creators have the best tools at their fingertips.

We are committed to providing significant value to our users. Access to all other features, including projects, layers, generation, and minting sites, remains entirely free of charge.

We firmly believe that artists and creators should have unhindered access to the best tools needed to successfully launch their digital asset collections. Financial constraints should not deter the realization of creative brilliance. This philosophy reflects our dedication to supporting creators, especially during challenging market conditions, by providing powerful and user-friendly tools that are largely free of charge. For more information regarding API usage please contact the team in Discord to discuss further.