The POST method on the /v1/project route is designated for initiating a new project within the Metafuse platform. This route requires a JSON payload in the request body, adhering to a defined schema to ensure accurate project definition. Here's a breakdown of the parameters encapsulated in the request schema (MetafuApiDecZ7zRFZmEGZ3):

  • name (required): A string that furnishes the name of the new project. This is a mandatory field aimed at providing a distinct identity to the project.
  • description: An optional string that provides a detailed description of the project, aiding in understanding the project's aim and scope.

Upon successful creation, the route responds with a 200 status code, signifying a successful operation. Conversely, a 400 status code is returned in cases where the request body does not comply with the required schema or other client-side errors occur.

This route empowers developers to seamlessly initialize new projects, supplying essential information like the project's name and description to ensure a well-documented and organized setup within the Metafuse platform.

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