Metafuse Features

Metafuse enables a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly journey for creators, developers and businesses to manage, host, and distribute digital assets globally within moments. Our platform is committed to enabling creators to explore their artistic capabilities, providing them with the tools to bring their unique visions to life.


Metafuse provides creators a canvas to portray their digital stories by organizing their content into structured projects. These projects are personalized spaces housing your digital assets, encompassing images, video and any associated metadata.


To amplify your creative potential, Metafuse champions Layers. Layers are composite elements forming the final image representation of a digital asset. Metafuse offers diverse ways to dynamically manage these layers, giving you the freedom to create, replace, or delete layers and swiftly regenerate your content (and metadata), adding new levels of personalization to your assets. Metafuse also supports uploading PNG sequence files. PNG sequence files allow you to create animated layers and truly bring your creations to life. Layers can be shared between projects including projects owned by other Metafuse accounts, making it straight forward to share your work with others or even propose new layers to fuse into an existing project.


You can upload existing content (images, videos or metadata) individually or in a zip file for effortless management. Items can be linked to smart contracts on any EVM-compatible blockchain, and minting sites can be set up to engage your community.

Smart Contracts

Metafuse simplifies the complex process of smart contract creation, deployment and management reducing it to a few clicks. Our platform supports defining minting costs, payment tokens, allow list access, withdrawals and controlling the state of your self owned ERC721 contract. Through adept management of various reveal strategies, including scheduled reveals or reveals on mint, Metafuse ensures the seamless integration of your digital assets into the blockchain space. Not interested in deploying your assets in the Web3 space? no worries! Metafuse assets can still be fully managed, dynamically updated and accessed through our API without the need for smart contracts.

Minting Site

To enhance user accessibility, Metafuse offers a one-click deployment feature for minting sites, facilitating easy minting of your collection and its integration with your deployed smart contract. This feature includes design and color scheme selection, along with hero and header image options, creating a seamless and personalized user experience. By offering these creative freedoms, Metafuse empowers you to narrate your unique digital stories in an innovative and engaging way.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Upon public reveal of your assets, they are immediately accessible on the robust Metafuse CDN. With over 450 edge locations globally, our CDN guarantees rapid and efficient access to your content. By utilizing advanced caching mechanisms, it optimizes the user experience, ensuring your creative works are accessible to marketplaces, games and end users effortlessly.


Leverage real-time asset management via our API. Ideal for applications, marketplaces and game development, the Metafuse API allows for the seamless integration of individual or bulk assets. It serves not merely as a tool, but as a flexible platform that complements your business needs and creative objectives.