A deeper look into how Generation works

Understanding the generation of your digital assets and the impact of trait rarity distribution is crucial in using Metafuse to generate your collection of assets. The concepts such as Normalization, Allowing Duplicates and Maximum Collection Sizes, and importantly, Weighted Distribution of Trait Rarity, all play vital roles in this process.

Weighted Distribution of Trait Rarity

Trait rarity in Metafuse refers to the percentage chance a specific trait would appear in your collection. However, it's crucial to understand that designating a trait with a 1% rarity doesn't necessarily imply it will appear exactly 1% of the time in your generated collection. This is because the process is analogous to rolling a dice where outcomes are based on chance. Just like you might not roll a six in ten dice rolls, a 1% rarity trait might not appear exactly 1% of the time.

For example, if you determine a particular trait to have a 1% rarity, it signifies that there's a 1% chance that this trait would appear in each token generation. However, this does not guarantee that the trait will appear exactly 1% of the time over hundreds or thousands of tokens. Sometimes, you might generate more or fewer tokens with this trait, depending on the randomness of the process.

This interpretation of rarity percentages aligns more closely with real-world scenarios and contributes to the uniqueness and excitement of Digital Asset collections. Nevertheless, Metafuse is designed to handle these specifications and offers you flexibility in defining the rarity for each of your traits.

Normalize, Allowing Duplicates and Maximum Collection Size

Other features that Metafuse provides to assist you in creating your DA collections include the option to 'normalize' your trait distribution, allowing duplicates in your collection, and defining the maximum collection size.

Normalization ensures the total rarity percentages across your trait categories sum up to exactly 100%. Allowing duplicates can let the same asset appear more than once in your collection, enabling a larger collection size. The maximum collection size defines the scope of your collection, with consideration given to the impact of rarity on the collection size.

Metafuse offers flexibility and control over your collection's composition, catering to your specific needs, whether it includes a variety of unique assets or a larger quantity of duplicate-included assets.