The GET method on the /v1/layers/{projectId} route serves to enumerate the layers within a specified Metafuse project. Layers are fundamental constructs in the Metafuse architecture, each encapsulating unique traits and geometric properties. Being inherently private, layers contribute to the formation of Items when aggregated, embodying the collaborative essence within a Metafuse project. This route is pivotal for traversing and manipulating Layer resources within a project, guided by the parameters as follows:

  • projectId (required, path): A string representing the Metafuse ProjectID, identifying the project whose layers are to be listed.
  • lastEvaluatedKey (optional, query): A string, if returned from a previous query, to be passed in for fetching paginated data, facilitating seamless navigation through extensive layer sets.

A successful query rewards a 200 status code, accompanied by the list of layers compliant with the specified criteria. On the contrary, a 400 status code denotes client-side errors, such as missing required parameters or incorrect query format.

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