Enable users to mint your imagination

After uploading your content, assembling your collection, and deploying a Smart contract, you're ready to showcase your creativity to the world. Metafuse facilitates this by offering a customizable and easy-to-deploy minting page experience. As a creator, this allows you to launch a personal minting webpage in moments, all tied to your collection and smart contract.

To begin, navigate to the Mint tab and configure the settings for your minting site. You can upload a unique hero image for your collection or use the one generated by Metafuse. Add a logo and select a color scheme that truly represents the essence of your collection.

Once your site is set up, a simple click on 'Deploy' will bring your customized minting site to life. If you wish to make tweaks after deployment, you can easily modify elements like the URL, images, color scheme, and more. Changes can be implemented by updating the values and clicking 'Update Site' within the Mint tab. With Metafuse, bringing your digital assets to the world is as easy as a few clicks.

Any modifications can be made live by updating the values and selecting 'Update Site'. However, note that any alterations to theme, images, text, or the Allow List are cached for up to 60 seconds before they are visible on browsers, ensuring your changes are applied smoothly without disrupting the user experience.